Dances With Wolves

1990     Rated PG     Action & Adventure, Drama,Western     181 min.

Rotten Tomatoes Tomatometer – 82%

Names you may know:  Kevin Costner

Epic. That’s Dances With Wolves in one word. Kevin Costner’s directorial debut and one of his best performances won seven Academy Awards, including Best Picture, and a Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture – Drama. Read More...

In Honor of Suicide Prevention Week
Written by: Bobby Willeford

I'm going to talk about a taboo subject in a lengthy rant. The subject matter is rarely discussed and when it happens it doesn't matter to the world unless a celebrity does it.

Now the majority of people are unfortunately dealing with it in one form or another. And while this will cause some to skim by or be defensive over the subject it will be discussed.



Last Week
Historic Greene County Courthouse

Written by: Julie Phipps
Photo Credit: RaveynAngel Photos

August 31, 2017

We are going to continue our tour of historical buildings in Springfield, with a look at the Old Historic Greene County Courthouse; referred to as such, due to the new Judicial Building on St. Louis St. Read More...   

Don’t Bully My Bully 
Written by: Kristi Jennings

Photo Credit: RaveynAngel Photography, Kristi Jennings

I really don't remember a period in my life that I didn't have at least one of these loyal dogs by my side. My father, like his father before him raised American Pit Bull Terriers, so I grew up having no fear but only love and compassion for them. Growing up in Nixa in the eighties, I can remember the start of breed specific discrimination. It started with the Chow Chows, then went on to include Dobermans and Rottweilers, and I can remember thinking why do people want to take peoples pets away? Read More...
First and Calvary Church

By: Julie Phipps

This week, I am continuing my series of historical buildings, with a look at the First and Calvary Church (Also Known As First and Calvary Presbyterian Church).

The church began with Calvary Church which was established in 1849, and, due to the worldwide economics of the 1920’s and 1930’s, was influential in the merger of Calvary Church and the old Presbyterian Church. Read More...


Written by: Brenda Fulbright, Owner

Welcome to 417Entertainment! If you have visited our site before, “Thank you!” if not, then let me tell you what we are all about. We are all about making finding things to do in the 417 area a whole lot easier, and share with you things about the area that you might not know. Read More...   

Stone Chapel - Drury College

Written by: Julie Phipps
Photo Credit: RaveynAngel Photos

Springfield has several buildings with so much history in them. One such building is the Stone Chapel on the Drury College Campus. To me, this is such a majestic building, with a feeling of peace and tranquility about it, with its stained glass windows, chandeliers, and wrought iron staircase. Read More...    

Written By: Julie Phipps
Photo Credit: RaveynAngel Photos

I am taking a walk down memory lane at Doling Park, but first, will share a brief history of the park. Read More...


Nathanael Greene Park
Written By: Julie Phipps
Photo Credit: RaveynAngel Photos

Oh wow! If you enjoy walking, whether for exercise or pleasure (I prefer the latter), Nathanael Greene Park is one of many parks to enjoy the beauty of nature in Springfield. The park was created in 1975, and has evolved into a beautiful and peaceful place to visit. There are several walking trails throughout the park, as well as, a beautiful lake, with geese and ducks. Read More...

Karaoke: When You Just Gotta Sing!

By: Clyde 'Doc' Starr

Do you get the itch to sing? When you're driving down the streets to and from work, are you blasting out your car speakers with your own voice? It sounds like you’re a Karaoke Junkie waiting to happen. Read More...   

Written By: Shelly Drew

The concept of this Tony awarding win Broadway show is unlike anything in Branson. You are taken back to December 4, 1956, Sun studio in Memphis, Tennessee. Read More...

Assisted Hacking

By: Shawn Baley

This is my thought process when it comes the memes that name your phone. If I was a blackhat hacker this is how I would use this info. Read More...
Smallin Civil War Cave

By: Laura Lea Lane

Photograph by Kevin Bright

Ever wanted to be invisible? Crawl in a hole and hide? Or just escape to a land far, far away if only in your mind? I may not be able to give you these things, but I can offer a journey through time beginning 365 million years ago with the Kaskaskia Sea and connecting to right here and right now. Read More...

A Comedian’s Guide to Springfield, MO

By Alex Taylor

Photo Credit: RaveynAngel Photos

Welcome to Springfield, Missouri. So, you’ve decided to make the Queen City of the Ozarks your new home? You must have lost a bet or run out of gas on the way to St. Louis. Just kidding. You’ll enjoy Springfield. Read More...

Role playing games 

Written By: Bobby Willeford

Want to have a fun family activity within the comfort of your own home? Now unlike other games that have a basic familiarity every time you play them, role playing games will be different and exciting due to the nature of how they differ from the games most are familiar with. Read More...

417Entertainment: An Employee’s Perspective

By: Shawn Baley

Owner/Operator Shawn’s Programming Fundamentals

Here’s my question. How many of you read the articles? Seriously, be honest, how many of you click on the ads? I get a very rare chance in my position while I’m behind my screen and updating the website to have a first look at all the articles as well as all the ads. I have to say I love all of them! Read More...

Historic Springfield: Pythian Castle

Written By: Brenda Fulbright

Photo Credit: RaveynAngel Photos

I lived here in Springfield for 30 years before I knew that we have our very own castle! I had even played softball at the field at Smith Park which is pretty much right behind it and still never knew! Read More...

An Intro to Historic Springfield
Written by: Brenda Fulbright
Photo Credit: ©RaveynAngel Photos

In every town and city there are historic buildings and streets; Springfield is no exception. There are buildings and landmarks from the inception of it as a town. Read More...

Margot and the Kidders
By:  Laura Lea Lane
Photo Credit: BG Studios Photography

 Margot and the Kidders are a fun, captive Jazz quartet that bring Jazz Standards (the unique sounds and musical compositions that together make Jazz music distinct) mostly to the billboard hits of the 1990’s but also some other current hits, all arranged in the unique style of the Jazz Age. Read More...   

Hurts Donut and the Dream Come True

Written by: Brenda R. Fulbright 
Photo Credits: ©RaveynAngel Photos

If you live in the 417 area, then it’s a good bet that you have heard of Hurts Donut. If not, then here’s a little bit about them. Hurts is a specialty donut shop that is open 8 days a week, 25 hours a day with the most scrumptious donuts you have ever tasted. They are about to open store #22 in just three years of operation; that is a feat that is rivaled by very few. Read More...

Brews and Tattoos 2 

By: Kira Lowrey

Nostalgia and curiosity led me into the heart of downtown Springfield for the second installment of Brews and Tattoos. In typical calamitous form, for the weeks leading up to publication, I wasn't sure where I wanted to begin this chapter of the series. Read More...



By: Laura Lea Lane


A few guys had been talking about the idea of pulling together a band to perform a Paul Simon tribute for over a year. Gradually, like a star getting brighter, more musicians were included and the idea grew. Read More...

Coffee and Cuisine: Review 1, The Mudhouse

By: Cheri Quigley

For some, coffee is a past time. For others, it is an institution; a way of life. Millions of Americans choose to consume an estimated average of 3.1 steaming cups of coffee per person every single day. Read More...

Sunset Strip

By: Brenda Fulbright

Every other week we will be featuring a different band,musician, artist or business here on 417 Entertainment. Our first featured band is Sunset Strip. Read More...

Brews and Tattoo's
By: Kira Lowery
Everyone loves a good story. Some of us are walking canvases, permanently painted with colorful scenes, funny pictures, and reminders of things we love or have loved. Often, I am asked about a whimsical mushroom garden on my forearm. Read more...

Jared George...Art Dude
By, Stormy 
This week our featured local artist is,Jared George,illustrator and creator of The Adventures Of Zee, comic books. As well as a local illustrator. Read More...