Welcome to 417Entertainment, your one stop site for events in the 417 area. We are currently providing a calendar of events for the Springfield and surrounding areas and will be expanding to include Branson and Joplin as well.

417 Entertainment was created to support locally; from businesses to artists and everything in between and it is due to this that we will be featuring all things local every other week. We want to expand everyone’s knowledge of all things in the 417 area.

The Springfield area has desperately needed a site that has all, if not most of the event listings without having to go to numerous sites for different activities. We will be providing calendars of events for Night Life, Family Friendly, Fine arts and Karaoke. If you know of an event that isn’t listed, feel free to let us know. Our event calendar listings are free.

We know that right now the site isn’t perfect, but we are working on that more and more each day, so keep your eyes on us, we will just keep getting better!

There are other things on the horizon, but will fill you in on those as the time gets closer. In the following weeks we will be adding bios of our staff as well.

We do offer advertising space on the site, so if you are interested in advertising with us, feel free to send an email to 417EntertainmentSpringfield@gmail.com

417 Entertainment Staff:

Brenda Fulbright: Owner/Operator/Photographer

Brenda is the mom to three beautiful children, and two “adopted” kids (my daughters’ friends who call her mom), five grandchildren, and numerous furry grandkids. She is an 8 year cancer survivor, professional photographer, writer, redhead, avid Batman fan and all around goofball. She loves to laugh and make others laugh too. She is a lover of music, all kinds of music and a favorite pastime is going to local shows and taking pictures. For quite a while she has searched for one place to find everything going on in Springfield and when she was unable to find that…417Entertainment was born. It was born out of necessity, and it is a way to showcase her love for the city of Springfield and the surrounding areas.

Dave Wendel: CFO

David Wendel, born in Detroit and attended Royal Oak Shrine High School a few years before actress Kristen Bell. His first “degree” came from the nationally known broadcasting school, Specs Howard School of broadcast arts earning an FCC element 9 license in radio, television broadcasting and electronics. Self taught in mechanical engineering, electrical, plumbing, and woodworking, he returned to academia in 2010 at the Ozark Technical College with his eye on a bachelor’s degree in business and possibly law school.  Returning to Michigan in 2012 to aid a family member battling Dementia, he is the current owner of Motor City Dawgs Coney Island catering.


Jack McCarty: Web Designer

Jack McCarty, Jr. is a "Jack" of all trades.  In addition to being a great Daddy and husband extraordinaire, he holds an Associate's Degree in Computer Information Science and gets paid to navigate the juggernaut of tech support at a major cell phone provider.  Jack has recently been a full-time Dad, full-time employee, full-time college student, and part-time IT intern....all at one time.  He also loves the world of investing and the stock market, which helps him pay for his many technological toys and gadgets.  Jack loves to help people with tech issues and give investing advice.  His two primary flaws are enjoyment of "binge watching" terrible TV shows on Netflix, and a dislike of green peppers.


Shawn Baley: Web/App Designer, Cyber Security Expert

I'm 33yrs old from Springfield, Mo. I've always been interested in computers and software development. It started with video games at a very young age. I finally got serious about pursuing Computer Science as a career and started going to school in 2008. I graduated with my Associates in Computer Information Science in 2010 and didn't really do much with the degree after that. I wrote my own software and then started writing apps about a year ago for fun. In October, 2015 I enrolled in University of Phoenix online to continue with my Bachelors degree which I am continuing to pursue. My field is more specific, Cybersecurity. In March of 2016 I started Shawn's Programming Fundamentals, an Organization dedicated to educating as many people as possible about Information Security, programming, and technology in general. It's been a slow success but SPF is growing. There's a YouTube Channel, Twitter page, App, Website, and Email. Everything exists on virtual machines, the Server, terminals, etc. Adding a level to the education process because SPF exists as a Virtual Organization that is completely free to any students wanting to use it and it's Network design for assignments. 

Owner/Operator Shawn's Programming Fundamentals
App Developer/Web Designer
@ Shawn's Programming Fundamentals/417Entertainment
sprogrammingfundamentals.site88.net(will change soon)
Shawns Programming Fundamentals

Brandon Mohlis: Graphics

Brandon Mohlis is a recording artist, producer, and music educator currently based out of Missouri, USA. Music has driven him all his life and has given him the chance to learn several instruments, including guitar, bass, drums, keys, vocals, banjo, mandolin, dulcimer and many more. In 2005, Brandon graduated from the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences, after which he signed on as lead guitarist for Phoenix, AZ based metal band St. Madness. After a tour, 3 albums, and being awarded “Best Metal Performance” by the L.A. Music Awards, Brandon moved to Los Angeles where he wrote and produced music for Riptide Music. Brandon then relocated to the Midwest to pursue his degree in music theory and composition, and to focus on releasing his own solo albums. Brandon also plays guitar in local Springfield 80’s cover band Sunset Strip.

(Note: You can purchase Brandon’s albums at the following site: https://brandonmohlis.bandcamp.com/)


Kira Nichole: Lead Writer

Born and raised in Springfield, Staff Writer and occasional hot mess, Kira Nichole spent a few years in the bayous of New Orleans, perfecting the art of the craft cocktail, and returned in 2013. When not gardening, studying, writing for 417 Entertainment, or recording the Twin Peaks podcast, “Damngoodcherrypiecast”, this passionate, tattooed mother of four human children and the best dog ever can be found listening to Billie Holiday while perfecting the domestic arts. In her spare time, she enjoys chasing muddy feet off the carpet, wiping noses and learning magic spells to repel a sticky-fingered toddler and subdue sassy little girls.


Sheri Gabbert: Writer

Sheri lives in Mt. Vernon with her miniature schnauzer Rilke, a huge library, and a lot of photos of her son and granddaughter! When she’s not writing “Throwback Movie Review,” she’s writing and publishing poetry, baking bread, going to Socrates Café, knitting, making lovable fabric monsters, and hanging out with friends. Sheri is originally from Kansas City but spent her teen years and youngest adulthood in Rossville, Kansas. She wrote her first story when she was five, a thrilling tale entitled “Foxy and Goosey,” that a little too closely resembles “Cinderella!”

Julie Phipps: Proofreader

Born and raised in Escondido, CA. And now lives in Springfield, MO. I enjoy reading, crocheting, and cooking. I love cooking shows, and Face Off (the series). I have four fur babies, and love all animals especially horses and the big cats. I have four children, six grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. I am a retired nurse, and did transcription for twelve years, and now basically just retired. Yes, I’m older than dirt, but hey, even dirt has a purpose.


Deb Howard: Photographer

Deb (aka Fireball, Tiny Dancer, Irish Ninja) is a #@! year old that loves animals, her grandbabies and music. (Those who can’t play or sing…they dance!) She can’t pass a playground without stopping for a bit and hopes to leave a little sparkle wherever she goes. She truly enjoys people and making them smile, which is why she loves photography and videography, as it takes those special moments and creates a keepsake that one can watch any time to relive a moment in time. Her motto, “The difference between and adventure and an ordeal is attitude”. Make every day an adventure!!

Stormy Cruse: Major Supporter Extraordinaire

I’m from the mountains in Idaho where bear and moose make your yard their home. I’m 38, and have been married 10 years. I was a tattoo artist until I broke my back. After six years of therapy, I am now walking on my own and exercising daily. I have no kids but lots of dogs. I’ve been all over the country and lived in Mexico for a year or so.

Bobby Willeford: Idea Guy

My name is Bobby I've lived in Springfield my whole life graduated from Central high school in 96. I later earned my AAS from Everest College in 2010. I also am a 20 year cancer survivor having skin cancer removed from my back just before my sophomore year of high school. .... 
My title is simply because I'm well known for thinking so far outside of the box I wouldn't know which way to even start looking for it 

Ryan Meyer: Social Media Manager

I’m Ryan, 38 (I think*). I’m from Wisconsin but reside in Springfield, MO. I am an avid gamer, and tend to enjoy anything the internet world has to offer; including working on computers and other electronics. (*Nope…he’s 39)


Shpoo Fahr: Podcasts, Fanboy Friday Reviews

Just your typical dork/rock star, Shpoo enjoys moonlight walks through the suburbs, holding hands with strangers, and romantic candlelit séances.

A writer, musician, cosplayer, filmmaker and all around legend in his own mind by hobby, Shpoo brings the team a touch of awesomeness that it so desperately needs. (Don’t let the rest of the team know I said that!)